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Paul Hardingham - A Family Man!

The Hardingham family is a great family, but then I might be a little biased!

I am married to a gorgeous lady, Joanna (who also writes my website content - no, not really!), and have two equally adorable daughters, Grace and Bethanie who seem to be growing up really fast (this is normal apparently).

My mum and dad brought me up with good Christian morals, to be hard working, honest and decent and to care about others as you would care about yourself.

The picture above shows my mum and dad, Joanna and Grace and myself, taking a walk at a beautiful spot up the road from our house when we used to live in Perth, Scotland. It's called "The Hermitage", Dunkeld and is well worth a visit if you ever find yourself in Perthshire).

Being a dad is great - here's a recording of me and my eldest daughter accompanying Take That... Rule the world. Feel free to join in. Life is too short not to have some fun!