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Paul Hardingham - Drumming

I've been playing drums since the age of 17. I'm self taught, mostly due to the fact I didn't know anyone at the time who could give me lessons. Through listening to music, watching drummers on Top of the Pops and experimenting (and practising) I managed to get a basic grasp of this amazing instrument.

I currently play a Roland electronic drum kit with hardware from Hart Dynamics. I've got to say I prefer playing electronic kits (with mesh heads - not rubber pads!) far more than acoustic kits, but they can also be a pain when gigging - it's a lot of equipment to cart around! It takes me about 40-60 minutes set up the full drum kit.

The biggest venue I have played so far was quite a number of years ago playing at Westminster Central Hall in London. There were possibly around 2,500 people in the audience which was quite a test for the nerves.

Photos above were taken at a concert we held in aid of Pakistan earthquake victims.
Listen to one of the songs we played (a live recording) - click here

Above is how the local press covered the Gig - click on "paul in the press" for a bigger image.

Here's a review from another gig in which I played drums - Cross Rythmns Review

Inspiring drumming.... this is NOT me!

Utterly insane showing off (but hey, wouldn't it be good to be able to do this...)

A good friend of mine gave me a link to Jacbo Armen. WOW!