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Useful Stuff

My dot com site - Paul Hardingham.com

What's hot on the technology scene - trying to spot the next "big one!"...




Themes - http://www.prelovac.com/vladimir/wordpress-themes/blue-grace

FREE wordpress themes - http://www.fwpthemes.com/

ThemeForest.net - premium WP Themes

Outsourcing Advice:

JeffMills.com - Outsourcing Webinar

JonasBlog - really knows his stuff. 4 hours work a day.

Philipines Outsourcing - "Agents of value". Link builders, website design etc.

eLance.com | rent-a-coder.com | ifreelance.com | need-an-article.com | freelancer.com

Best radio commercials.com

Fiverr.com - outsourcing for a fiver




plus video tutorial... http://joelsnews.com/nichebusiness/


Facebook marketing

http://www.openfacebooksearch.com - a great place to see what people are talking about.


Advertising in general:

PPV (pay per view) marketing:


Facebook app advertising (cheaper than Facebook ads)




adbrite.com - closed down 1st Feb 2013






Keyword Tools

Wordtracker free keyword suggestion tool: http://www.freekeywords.wordtracker.com/
(a good alternative to the now defunct Overture Search Term Suggestion Tool.

Or better still.... http://tools.seobook.com/general/keyword-information/

Also recommend to do more research on www.keywordelite.com - looks VERY good particularly for keyword research and adwords PPC.

PPCBully, Martket Samuri, KeywordSpy.com, Wordbutler, SpyFu. KeywordEqualizer GoogleCashDetective2 (Chris Carpenter) SpeedPPC

Search Term investigation tool in Google: http://suggestqueries.google.com/

Seems to drive the search results in YouTube - leave a search in youtube for a while and it will come up with some suggestions too.

Prosper202.com - click tracking for PPC.

Also check out MarketSamauri. (or noblesamauri I think)


IP Addresses etc.

worldproxy202.com - Hide IP address, see what's in America.



BruceClay - the old classic!


CPA Affiliate Networks


PPC Advice

CashTactics.net - seems to be a bit of a guru on PPC and adwords/landingpage design.

Jonathan Volk - $300,000 a month PPC guy (in 2 years). Also paulhardingham.com/amazing

Top 100 (300) CPA affiliates and their blogs.

Google's own video on Adwords auctions and how it all works.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7l0a2PVhPQ

Amit - a super PPC affiliate - superaffiliatemindset.com

Tracking 202 - keyword tracking . Video tutorial


Advertising Tips

SoloAd Directory.


Presentation Software

SlideRocket - powerpoint online

prezi.com - better than powerpoint?

Adobe flash quiz software - tutorial

Screen Sharing - join.me

Sparkol - Video scribe software


Google Adwords:

Adwords Editor Tutorials

Adwords Editor - Download links

Adwords Tutorials direct from Google.


Useful PPC resources:

SEMRush - Check your competitors ranking and costs

Keyword Lizard - Combine Town Names With KW's:

Traffic Travis.com - a free SEO tool.



Back Link Purchasing:


Text Link Brokers.com

I Sell PageRank.com


Internet Marketing Forums


WickedFire (mostly Copeac and Neverblueads type people)

Warrior Forum


Search Engine Operators:

Google - http://www.google.com/help/cheatsheet.html and official page

MSN - Search Operators

Yahoo Search Operators - official link

Bruce Clay overview of search engine operators: Here.


Link Popularity

Link Popularity Checker - MarketLeap


Marketing Tips:

Article marketing - great tutorial - here.

Submission company (both link directory submission and articles) - also write articles and submit too - as recommended my Mark Ling a Super affiliate in Australia - www.submitedge.com

Daegan Smith - set of amazing videos for free marketing.

Top 10 marketing tips from Gauher's - top 10

Email marketing - Martin Rasmussen - great set of video tutorials.

AffiliateXFiles.com - This guy REALLY knows his stuff. He's got over 10,000 inbound links to his site using article marketing on autopilot.

Joel Peterson - Top internet marketing expert - JoelsNews.com

Tyrone Shum (Internet Business Path)


Actual Big Hitters and good contacts:

http://revver.com/video/592503/lucid-seo-credits/ David Congreave

http://insideaffiliate.net/ - Josh Todd. Started Aff marketing in 1995. American.

http://www.affhelper.com/blog/ this guy knows his CPA stuff, getting around $4,000 in a day from NeverBlueAds.

http://zacjohnson.com/free-comparison-shopping-landing-page-template/ Super affiliate.

http://www.ucantoo.com/ - 23 years as professional MLMer - a lot of sense talked by this guy.


Sources of Big Hitters:

MLM op seekers | Article Writer Experts (ezinearticles.com - search for experts, number of views and contact details).



Sales page creation by WP theme, WP Spire.


Fantastic Looking Marketing Pages:

FlawlessWealth.com | http://www.moneyfromhomesystem.com/ | ListDomino | 12monthinternetmillionaire | TheSecondTier.com | http://www.arbitrageconspiracy.com/allstar.php?ref=cc85f773

Perry Belcher marketing page











Nice looking Credit Card MLM business - (if that link doesn't work - try here)

Joint Venture Affiliate Ideas


Website grading site - good advice for SEO....


Twitter - a useful source for leads?

How to search twitter - e.g. http://twitter.com/#search?q="Swine Flu"

Twitter Tools - 105 top tools

Good Marketing Advice Videos:

Good explanation of how to use social networking sites properly - http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=zn1cspHx7DU


Domain Names

A neat little tool for helping you find domains is Whois Source (http://whois.domaintools.com/)

Finding available domain names: http://domize.com/


YouTube Marketing


Using a firefox plugin to increase youtube views.

1. Firefox Browser
2. Proxy Plugin (the one where you can load a big list of proxies and rotates it depending on your time preference)
3. ReloadEvery Plugin (set it to reload to synchronize with your settings with Proxy Plugin)



How to share a YouTube video url so it plays full screen - format is like this:


i.e. remove the /watch?v= and replace with /v

Video Tutorials for software applications: such as camtasia, audacity etc.



Copywriting Tips

Brent Hodgson (also of Marketing Samauri) - http://www.brenthodgson.com/

John Carlton - master copyrighter http://www.simplewritingsystem.com/blog/john-carlton-simple-writing-system-express-course/


Affiliate Marketing Research:

AffiliateSeeking.com - also lists multiple tier programmes, so good for overall affiliate marketing reasearch.

Warrior Forum - Internet marketing forum.


NETWORK marketing confidence videos...

People turning to network marketing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rAHpBHcE9FM

Shane Dennnison on TV - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FdTxsaWkRGc

Bill Clinton thanks direct sellers - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_eGbfTPbGY

Bill Bartmann on MLM - America's 25th Richest person - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7US6bRyt-MQ


Inspiring Earning Statistics From MLM companies

FFi - earnings

YTB earnings stats July 2007 reps earnings: http://www.ytb.com/downloads/Rep_Earnings.htm

Great motivational videos from Cyberwize.

Great mlm audios from Ameriplan - http://getoutnow.com/form/downloadgon.html

Motivational reality - from Traverus - http://freeleads.etraverus.com/presentation.php?media=PB

Travis of Myspace fame - has a blog - http://uvmeonlineblog.blogspot.com/ - his myspace group had 71,500 members of 25th Sept 2007. See the group here. Apparently Travis has personally signed up 1,000 members. Ha! I'm beating him!!!


Other MLM Stuff

Other MLM Success Videos:

Amway, Japan. Roger Moore thanks Amway. Donald Trump supports ACN

5linx testimonials - no one actually quotes their income!!! but good videos.

Also, Dwayne Johnson - one of the top earners for 5linx.

5LINX® Earnings Statement: These are the average annual earnings for U.S. 5LINX® active Independent Representatives in 2006 based on position: Customer Representative, $55; Independent Marketing Representative $261; Executive Trainer $2,536; Executive Director $10,816; National Director $67,147; Senior Vice President $236,904.

MLM Goldmine People:

http://www.myspace.com/ninetydaysfromnow - Matty Thomson Australia

Matty Tomson on YouTube the video he uses on his MySpacePage

Good FLASH home business movies:


DFI Live - Promoting Coastal Vacations - expensive, but nice presentation.

Good presentation - but in your face. No real product - just a "we'll show you how to make money and make money!"


Clive Leach and Di Ross.

Good presentations:

Millionaire Network - from Priceless Possibilities. (support system) MiQ by Paul Smith.

Amway presentation - on youtube

Other contact support and lead systems:

http://www.cemprospector.com/onlinesystem/adpages.html (plus networx) Cutting Edge Media (been around since 1990)

http://www.solutionx.com - landing pages and genealogy systems

www.USHBB.com - good convincing videos for MLM



Website Design/ Logo Design

99designs.com run competitions.

D3Sing3R.com - superb looking website designs, very affordable too! $120 for minisite graphics.

Also check elance, ifreelance and rent-a-coder

Envato - great for freelance videos, music and graphics.



PhotoFunia.com - cool way to make a photo look really smart.

Free icons and graphics - DryIcons.com

Create your own logos without photoshop - www.pixlr.com. Just a paintshop pro but online. Select advanced user.

Interesting number and probability theory stuff:

Game Theory